Phlebotomy Certification in Memphis TN

As people start turning to phlebotomy in increasing numbers as a way starting, or furthering their career in the health system, the importance of phlebotomy certification in Memphis TN has never been higher. Phlebotomy, or venipuncture, is the process of drawing blood from the body for medical purposes.

While historically the duty of taking blood samples fell to doctors or nurses, the ever increasing demand for medical services has driven the demand for designated phlebotomists through the roof.

Full time phlebotomists are now employed in most hospitals across the country, while many small medical clinics and offices also have a phlebotomist on the payroll to deal with the sheer volume of blood samples that require processing. Indeed, the popularity of blood banks and blood drives, combined with the huge increase in blood sampling being done by pharmaceutical companies, has led to phlebotomists being one of the most in demand medical professions. For this reason, attaining your phlebotomy certification in Memphis TN has never been more important.

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What is Phlebotomy Certification?

Professional certification is the equivalent to a phlebotomy license from a nationally recognised agency. Once you have completed your phlebotomy training, you can apply for certification from a number of institutions. To achieve certification, you must fit a number of criteria, and then pass an extensive phlebotomy certification exam in Memphis TN. While not a prerequisite in most states and areas for working as a phlebotomist, certification is still a must for anyone looking to pursue a career in phlebotomy.

Certification not only stands you apart from other phlebotomists, it also demonstrates your competence to prospective employers. Even when not legally bound to do so, employers will still look to hire someone with phlebotomy certification over someone without.

How Can I Achieve Phlebotomy Certification in Memphis TN?

Phlebotomy certification is a two-step process. The first step involves attending a phlebotomy school or phlebotomy training program. Phlebotomy schools are colleges or institutions that offer training classes specifically designed at training phlebotomists. To enrol in one of these courses, students will need to hold a high school diploma or GED. Training courses in phlebotomy generally vary in length, but often range from between several months to 2 years to complete.

These courses cover a wide range of subjects, from anatomy and physiology, to site selection for puncture and post puncture care. The primary aim of these training courses is not only to equip students with the knowledge and experience required to pursue a career in phlebotomy, but to adequately prepare them for their certification exam.

When choosing a phlebotomy training program, it is important that you first research the institution providing it and the course content being covered. This is most important when it comes to sitting your phlebotomy certification exam.

phlebotomy certification Memphis TNFor example, if you intend on seeking certification from The American Society for Clinical Pathology, one of the requirements is that you have completed forty hours of classroom study, to include physiology and anatomy. If the phlebotomy training program you wish to attend does not include classes on anatomy, you will not be able to seek certification from the ASCP.

You must also ensure that the phlebotomy training course you choose includes hands-on experience, or if possible some sort of work experience placement. While the certification exam you will have to complete will be written, another of the requirements for most certification agencies is hands-on training.

The National Phlebotomy Association, for example, requires applicants to have completed “200 hours of practical experience either with mannequins or clinical practicum or a combination of both.” As you can see, it is worthwhile thoroughly researching your choice of accredited phlebotomy school before enrolling in a course. If you are in any doubt, you can contact a local phlebotomy certification agency in Memphis TN to enquire of the legitimacy of a phlebotomy school or training program. Once you have completed your phlebotomy training course, you can take certification test.

Taking Phlebotomy Certification Test in Memphis TN

Like the two mentioned above, there are a number of national agencies that provide phlebotomy certification in Memphis TN. However, they all share something in common when it comes to their certification test. It is a written test that covers all aspects of phlebotomy, from patient anatomy right down to post puncture care. Applicants will have to be prepared to answer a vast array of questions that will comprehensively cover the gamut of phlebotomy care. For this reason, students must take care to revise all that they have learned before sitting the test.

Many students have excellent knowledge, but are out of practice when it comes to sitting an exam. For these students, setting some practice tests and getting reacquainted with test situations can be just as important as the actual subject material.

Phlebotomy practices and procedures are constantly evolving, and for that reason students must be completely up to date on the most recent teachings and findings. Certification is an annual requirement, so it is not enough to simply rest on your laurels once you have obtained certification. Phlebotomists must always be aware of the most up to date guidelines on phlebotomy procedure so as to retain their certification from year to year.

I’ve Received Phlebotomy Certification in Memphis TN : What Next?

Congratulations! You are now ready to start your career as a fully-fledged phlebotomist technician. Professional phlebotomists will find their skills are required in many different places around the country. From hospitals to laboratories, from doctor’s offices to blood banks, from medical centres to charity organizations, there is never a shortage of demand for fully trained and certified phlebotomists in Memphis TN. The benefit of phlebotomy certification is that because you have a nationally recognised certification, you will be welcome to work all across the country, and indeed the world.

There are many phlebotomists in Memphis TN that, due to a lack of certification, cannot find the jobs they want. Certification opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Whether you are looking to travel, or simply settle down and start a fantastic new career in the medical system with growth opportunities, the world is now your oyster. If you are interested in starting a new career in phlebotomy, don’t delay. Find out where the nearest phlebotomy school is to you, today.